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Javascript Slide Show Shareware

Javascript Slide Show
    Creates a web-based slideshow either within the current page from a list of slides (look to the right) or in a new window (650x650) from images on a photo album type web page such as those created by ThumbsPlus from

The program automatically moves from one picture to the next every 6 seconds (time interval can be adjusted in the program and by optional buttons for the user).

    For an example of usage with a photo album type page, see the bottom of the Fall Foliage photo page at Foliage02.html
Big Sur
Included files:


HTML code snippet to place in your web page to create the buttons that control either version of the slide show


Javascript code to setup for the slideshow within a web page - requires an image on your page with a name= "slide" and a set of images named slide1.jpg through slideN.jpg where N is the number of slides. Put the javascript file call anywhere after the image (look at the source of this page for an example of how to do this)
      To add clickablity - having a larger photo come up in a popup window - you need to have the larger images named large1.jpg through largeN.jpg to match the smaller images. You need to change the statement large=0 to large=1 within the file inslidesetup.js. You also need to place the statement <a href="large1.jpg"> </a> or <a href="images/large1.jpg"> </a> at the top of your HTML page immediately after your body statement. Be sure to have the correct folder listed. Then surround the sldeshow image with the statement <A HREF="javascript:photowin(document.links[0].href)" onMouseOver="status='Click for larger picture'; return true;"> add a border=0 to that if you do not want the border surrounding it, You can look at the source of this page for an example of how to do all this.


Javascript code to setup for the external slideshow - put at the bottom of the page before the ending </body> a statement something like:

  <script type="text/javascript" src="slidesetup.js"> </script>


Javascript code for the external slideshow - put at the top of the page just after the starting <body> a statement something like:

  <script type="text/javascript" src="slideshow.js"> </script>


This file (documentation)

User agrees not to distribute, reproduce, transmit or transfer, in whole or in part, the software or its documentation without express prior written permission from the developer. This product may be used for free by charity web sites and students. Support will be provided to registered paying users. Please remit $10.00 to me via mail or Pay-Pal:
Kitty Cooper
801 Carlisle Blvd SE
Albuquerque NM
USA 87106
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